Where are the Bay State All Stars located?

Bay State Cheer & Dance Training Center is located at 220 Cherry Street in Shrewsbury, MA 01545, across from the Hebert Candy Mansion!

Bay State is conveniently located within minutes of your town! We have members from Shrewsbury, Northboro,Westboro, Grafton, Millbury, Sutton, Whitinsville, Oxford, Blackstone, Holden, Worcester, Wachusett, Sturbridge and Auburn!

What is the level of commitment to a Bay State team? 

Different teams require different levels of commitment. Whether you are on a team that practices 4 hours a week or one that has 6 hours of practice, you will be required to give 100% of your heart and dedication.

Bay State All Stars is a year long commitment. Cheerleading is a TEAM sport and everyone is needed to make the routine run smoothly and successfully. All practices and competitions are MANDATORY. Dance classes and teams also require mandatory attendance for all dance practices and events.

The commitment is from registration until May 31st of the following year for a TEAM member.

What are the financial obligations to Bay State? 

All Star Cheering requires emotional, physical and financial commitments. Bay State offers many fundraising opportunities that will enable you to subsidize your account and use that money toward your team expenses. 

Sibling discounts are available!

The commitment is until May 31st for all TEAM members. 

When/ Where are the competitions? 

Mandatory competitions typically begin in November for FULL YEAR CHEER TEAMS. There will be approximately 5 local competitions, 3 local National competitions and possibly 2 travel Competitions, depending on the team. There is, at least, 1 competition during a school vacation. This is mandatory as well.

All competitions are held on the weekends and all local competitions are within New England. Travel teams may participate in competitions requiring overnight stays with air or bus travel, which will be an additional personal expense.

Dance teams may or may not compete at the same events as the cheerleaders. This is decided once dance teams are formed. 

How are the teams selected? 

Teams are selected by age and skill, maturity and level of commitment.  These factors aid in the placement of team rosters and provide a unified competition team. 
Are practices mandatory? 

Yes! Cheering is a competitive TEAM sport and it is, not only, a safety issue but one of commitment and team unity.

Please have an adult notify your coach in advance if you are to be absent for a legitimate reason. 

Are parents allowed in the gym to watch the teams? 

No, only cheerleaders and coaches are allowed in the gym/studio. This is to encourage and promote the attention levels of the cheerleaders. We would like to keep distractions to a minimum so the members will remain focused, productive and safe.

Family viewing is offered once a month. Check the calendar! If a meeting with the coach is needed, please contact Matt or Karen to schedule a meeting. 

How can I learn more about the Bay State All Stars? 

Please visit our website at www.baystateallstars.com or ask one of our informed staff members to learn more about this wonderful organization. You may also call the gym @ 508-845-5678.  Ask for Matt. 

What is the cancellation policy for snow days?

We all know it could snow any time in New England… so let’s be prepared! This year the announcement will NOT be listed on the TV. It will only be on the channel 7 (WHDH –TV) website and our website www.baystateallstars.com. We will also change the greeting on the gym phone. If you register with WHDH 7 NEWS, they will send a text message to your cell phone telling you that the gym is closed due to a storm.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature, just go to www.whdh.com and click on “Snow Day Alert”. You will need to input your cell phone number, the name of your carrier and then choose the organizations/schools you are interested in hearing about. If you have any problems, you can contact them at webmaster@whdh.com or 1-877-316-5990.

And remember… just because your school is closed, does NOT mean that the gym is closed. If there is any doubt of the gym being open, call or visit the website before you come to practice.

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