Photography Guidelines for Website:

Please follow these guidelines when sending photos for use on the website.

  • File size must be under 3mb
  • Group shots are preferred over single person shots
  • Please send your best photos only (5-10). I do not have time to sort through everyone's picture collection.  If you send me 50+ pictures chances are they will not get posted. Send me the best of the best.
  • Please be selective with the shots. No inappropriate angles... These pictures can be seen by everyone and we want them to be respectable.
  • Email the images to me at or if you prefer, put them on a CD and put it in Carly P's folder (4.2).
  • We will only be including 5 - 10 photos per team per event. This will eliminate a lot of duplication AND it will save some great shots to be used later in the year.

I do my best to spread out the images so that one team or person is not prominent throughout the display. However, I can only use what is sent to me. Therefore, if you want to see your son or daughter make sure to take pictures and send them to me. 


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